Our males are not for public stud.

Woodland-Breeze Labradors
**Home of your Forever Friend!**
The Boys

Hips OFA - Good (Preliminary)
Elbows OFEL - Normal (Preliminary)
PRA -  B (Carrier, Non-Affected)
EIC - Carrier
CNM - Clear by Parentage
Dilute Gene - DD (does not carry gene)​

Nash is a very stout boy with a lot of bone.  He is such a ham and loves attention!  We look forward to him strutting his stuff in the show ring!
Hips OFA - Good (Preliminary)
Elbows OFEL - Normal (Preliminary) 
Optigen -  A (Clear)
EIC - Clear
CNM - Clear
Dilute Gene - DD (Dilute Free) 

Hips OFA - FCI A/A (excellent)
Elbows - FCI 0/0 (normal)
PRA - A (Clear)
EIC - Clear
Dilute Gene - DD (Dilute free) 

Some of our males are in the process of further testing. Once results are received they will be posted. Thank you for your patience during this process!