The Dude
Hello Ms. Corter,
    I hope all is going well with your new litters.  Since I have     been checking your website I have seen all the adorable new        pictures.  I wish I had more space and time to take on         the new adorable yellow girl that's available.    Anyhow, I               wanted to send you a quick update about our little            boy Baron.  He is 4 months today! He knows tons of            tricks, a few favorites of ours being "touch"- he puts his     nose to your hand no matter whereyou put it, even if he has    to jump! roll over, "kisses" and "over"- he'll jump over            anything!  He is such a quick learning dog that I can only i         imagine how much more he'll learn when we actually start                            sending him to puppy classes.
                         Not only is he a quick dog, but his temperment and demeanor can't be beat.    I've enclosed some pictures, hope everything is going well!  Also,I have a small request/suggestion.  On your website maybe you could include a guestbook? I'd love to write up what a great experience we have had so far with Baby B, and I'm sure others browsing the site would like to read it.  


Hi Becky!  
Just wanted to give you an update on Barley.  She is doing so well.  She knows her name, and enjoys her friend Heather as you can see in the attached picture.  She joins our family for a 5:30 am walk around a nearby lake- just a mile.  She is also successful on a leash.  In the picture you can see her "water dish"!  We have trouble keeping her away from our pond, and she has already fallen in twice!  Just want you to know we are lovin' her!  Thanks for your good care of her.
Pam Bennett

Hey Becky, 
I had to let you know how 
fantastic Stella is doing!! 
She is such a happy girl, 
slept the whole way home 
and is loving our home and 
our families, she is 
definatly a spoiled little 
pup!!!!!! Hasn't had one 
accident yet in the house, 
love her! We took her to 
the vet this morning and 
our vet couldn't stop 
raving about what a great 
looking and healthy lab she is, and that is all thanks to you!! He was amazed at what great care you give to your puppies, thank you 
again so much!!!!! We love her, and mom said she will definatly be coming to you when they decide to add another lab. Thanks again for everything,
Sincerely, The Langfords 

Dear Becky, 
How are you,  today is LIBBY'S birhtday; she is Chevey and Kaluha's baby girl a.k.a Zeus Pieretti's sister.   I just thought you would love to see what a great doggie she has become.  
We love her as if I gave birth 
to her myself!!   
( yes that's a joke) 
 She is pictured here with our 
youngest, Katie 7 yrs old, 
on her First  Holy Communion 
day.  We live in Sandy Hook 
Ct. and live around the corner 
from our good friends  the 
Pieretti's who also have dogs 
from Woodland Breeze.  We  
love  all of them and it's the 
best desicion our family has 
ever made.   Feel free to use 
the picture for your Past 
Puppies section,  We have many more!!  hope you have a great day        The Goyda's

Woodland-Breeze Labradors
**Home of your Forever Friend!**
Past Puppies
References available upon request
Just a few of our past puppies! 

        Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do!  Nothing like watching them grow!  We also have other past puppy pictures and testimonials on Facebook!  Check it out by clicking the link below!

                    Happy Holidays!  
             I hope all is well with 
                  the new litter of 
                    Gracie and Max!  
       I’ve attached two photos of
 Sequoia (born on 4/20/11: Gracie
 x Max) in her Christmas digs and
          in her PSU jersey!   Feel 
free to use any of the photos on 
    my Facebook page or my wife’s 
   page of Sequoia.   Also, if you 
ever need a referral, please do not
 hesitate to contact us.   It is 
great raising a puppy who 
was already in a “routine” 
and your skills, knowledge, 
and care as a top notch 
breeder have truly shown. 
We have a wonderful pet!  She trains well, is obedient, and was housebroken at 3 months!!!!  
Sequoia has been such a joy to us and she is helping us in our quest to have a perfect family!

John J. M

Here is a picture of our Black Lab, Black.  Joel and I were lucky enough to add him to our family in April.  He is one of Miley and Jack's boys.  I cant thank you enough for breeding such a smart intelligent breed. He had been a loving companion, great temperament and very easily trainable. We will definitely 
only purchase our next 
pup from you when 
we feel like adding 
to our family. 
Thank You So Much 
for giving us 
the Best Dog!!!!

Julie B.