AKC standard for Labrador Retrievers.  Click this link to read the AKC standard  http://thelabradorclub.com/

Here are some generalizations:​
Labrador Retrievers are categorized by many people into three different categories: English, American, and Field.  The dogs are different in appearance, but more importantly they are different in attitude.  Field labs need to be in the field, American labs are incredibly intelligent but are boisterous and stubborn, and English labs are more laid back, but can be larger (up to 100 lbs).  Here are some generalizations but remember each dog is different!

English Labs are referred to as show or bench style labs.  Characteristics include calm demeanor, thick bodies, otter tails, dense coat, short muzzles, and wide (square) heads.

American Labs are referred to as field labs.  Characteristics include long faces, fine coats, tall, thin bodies, long thin tails, round heads, and can have more energy.

Field Labs are trained solely for field trails.

However all dogs have their own personalities.  A dogs temperament and obedience will depend on the owner and their willingness to train the dog.  A dog needs love, attention and most of all discipline.  

                  And don't forget   "Dogs have feelings too!!!"
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Woodland Breeze Labs is a small licensed breeder located in North Central Pennsylvania that specialize in Labrador Retrievers. We breed for the AKC standard.  We live on 2 1/2 beautiful acres deep in the country where our dogs have the run of the land!  Our puppies are raised in a loving family environment and given lots of TLC.  They come to you loved & adored.

We are committed to breed quality Labradors.  We strive for only the best in all of our dogs and puppies.  All our dogs are very smart, loving, calm, very devoted, and eager to please.  We carefully choose our dogs for their calm temperaments, health, quality, and great bloodlines (Sandylands, Boradors, Dickendalls, and many other English lines).   Some of our past puppies & our dogs ancestors have working titles, canine good citizen awards, are companion dogs, therapy dogs and hunters as well.  

All of our dogs are AKC registered, have appropriate health clearances, up to date on shots and regularly vet checked.  They are also on Nuvet Vitamins and a joint supplement recommend by many other breeders.

All puppies will have their first set of shots, wormed at 3,5 & 7 weeks of age, and vet checked prior to leaving.  The puppies are also started on Nuvet vitamins.  They come with a  written guarantee and a general health guarantee.   Puppies are also sold with Limited AKC registration unless other arrangements have been made and approved.    

We breed the 3 AKC recognized colors yellow, chocolate, and black.  Please visit our current and future puppies page for more details!! We also have older dogs available at times as well. Check out our olders dogs page!!!

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We are a small but serious breeder located in Central Pennsylvania Specializing in Bench Style (English) Labrador Retrievers!
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