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Older Dogs

We currently do not have any

older dogs at this time.

It is hard for us to say goodbye to our furry loved ones. However we are always happy for them as they become the center of attention with new families. Here our Labs are loved and very well cared for, but they must share our time. It makes us feel good to see them get attention all to themselves and return that love to their new owners.

Any and all adults, over one year of age, will be sold without any guarantees. This will include hips, eyes, health, temperament, or that they will adjust to their new home without any problems.  If things do not work out, and you choose to return the dog you have adopted, you may do so if desired, however no refunds or exchanges will be made. We will however place the surrendered dog in a new adoptive home for you. By adopting an adult from us, you are agreeing to these terms.  

There will be an adoption fee. These Fees will be based on each individual dog.
Expect to pay $500.00 and up.    Sorry, but our dogs are not "free" .

These dogs are not from shelters.

We invest thousands of dollars into our dogs over the years. We know them well. Our Labradors are healthy, loved and socialized.  Some are spayed or neutered before leaving and fully vaccinated.  Most are screened and certified against breed specific diseases.   Some of these dogs may just have not met our expectations.

We do not breed every dog we own.  Some may have been used in our breeding program and many may have not. 

We just want them to go to a GOOD home.  

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