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We here at Woodland Breeze Labradors care greatly about the health and well being of our dogs and puppies.  We are proud to announce that we are able to provide the following warranties to our prospective new puppy owners.  This has been very important to us. 

Not every breeder will offer the same kind of warranty. What IS important is that a  written warranty is provided when you adopt one of their puppies.  Breeders that offer a proper written warranty usually cares.

We believe our pups to be healthy at the time of adoption. Please know that a dogs health is a result of many factors. (environment, heritable traits and the owners responsibility of regular and preventative care).  Breeders can only warrant up to a certain point. The worst thing a breeder can have happen to them is to find out something is wrong with one of their pups.  Some breeders will not accept any responsibility of a sick puppy they sell. 

Besides offering a general health warranty,  GOOD breeders should warrant against genetic disorders that Labs are prone to. Provide testing on the parents and that they are free of these defects.  Just because the parents are tested and found negative of certain diseases,  this does not automatically mean the puppies are free!   Parents can be carriers but never show signs of the disease. 




General Health at the time of adoption

Five days post adoption date.  Refund or reimbursement of treatment cost.

Hip Dysplasia for 26 mths (Genetic)

Puppy Replacement, or Reimbursement of surgery (certain %)

Lifetime Warranty against PRA

Progressive Retinal Atrophy is a disease that causes blindness in Labradors

To test for PRA, a blood sample is taken and sent to Optigen for screening.

This test can prevent PRA by selectively breeding of dogs.

Lifetime Warranty against EIC

Exercise Induced Collapse is a disease in which dogs can tolerate mild to moderate exercise but 5 to 15 minutes of strenuous exercise induces weakness and then collapse. Weakness starts in the rear limbs but then progresses rapidly to the forelimbs, resulting in a generally weak,wobbly gait. Dogs ultimately collapse and are unable to continue exercising. 

Lifetime Warranty against CNM

Centronuclear Myopathy is an inherited disease characterized by early onset muscular problems such as awkward gait, fatigue, and difficulty eating. Affected puppies generally begin displaying these problems within a few months after birth.

Spay/Neuter to be done but NOT before 18 mths of age.

We hope that all adoptive Parents can enjoy their puppy for many years to come.  If you are unable to keep your Woodland Breeze puppy we ask that you contact us and we will gladly take back your furry friend.  They are our family and want the best for them!

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